Until the End

I miss you so bad
I miss you so much
I miss your voice
I miss your touch

I miss your arms
I miss your hug
I even miss
Your stupid pug

I miss your smiles
I miss your eyes
I miss your HIs
And your GOODBYEs

I miss your cheeks
I miss your chin
I miss your lips
I miss your skin

I miss your forehead
I miss your hair
It hurts so much
Baby, I swear

The pain is so strong
It is so deep
Since you got cold
I’ve had no sleep

I am so lonely
I am so sad
I am so sorry
I made you feel bad

I’ve never wanted
To make you cry
I was just hoping
You could be mine

And I still do
I always will
I can’t forget you
I love you still

You are my Light
You are my Sun
You are my Queen
The Only One

You are the best thing
In my whole life
I dream of you
Being my wife

I dream of me
Holding your hand
Loving my Pond
Until the end