The Story of the Earth and the Moon

Once upon a time the Earth and the Moon loved each other and remained together non-stop in a close embrace.

But then the Earth fell in love with the Sun.

The Moon knew that the Sun loved no one but itself, that it would not get any closer to Earth in order to offer it the amount of love light that it needed, and that the Earth would die of grief.

But the Moon also knew that the Earth did not love it any longer, and that it would die even sooner if it remained close to it against its will.

So the Moon moved further away.

However, it remained close enough to be able to reflect the amount of the Sun’s love light that the Earth was missing.

This is how life appeared on Earth.


Originally published in BCS (Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian) in Botanical Garden Blues in 2008. Translated by Timothy John Byford. Translation copyright by Kosta Tadic.