The Moon and the Wolf

Long time ago, during the Tang era, there lived a young girl called The Moon.

She liked wearing the long dark-red dresses.

She lived in the world controlled by men, but she was smarter than any of them.

And her Heart was made of Flowers and Gold.

She was a good friend.

And the Most Beautiful Woman in the World.

But she didn’t want to get married. She liked her freedom more than anything else.

She used to say: “Freedom is my real husband.”

To keep men away, she lived in a small wooden house deep inside the forest.

She lived alone, but she wasn’t afraid. Because her Heart was pure.

One time, a wolf attacked her.

And she just patted him, as if it had been a cute little puppy, and said: “Don’t be afraid.” And the wolf smiled and left. It wasn’t hungry, it just had never seen a creature like her before.

Many years later, a bunch of drunk pirates attacked her. And the wolf heard her scream.

And it ran faster than any wolf had ever run before.

And it saved her. The ground was dark-red from the pirates’ blood. Just like The Moon’s dress.

And the wolf stayed awake all night, to be sure that she was safe, while she was sleeping, using its back as a soft, warm pillow.