The Knight’s Lament

Let me hear your voice, let me say I’m sorry
Let me say I care, let me say I worry
Let me say I’m scared I have caused you pain
Let me have a chance to try to explain

Let me say I feel I have lived in vain
Let me say it feels like a ball and chain
Let me say I’m free but nailed to the wall
Let me say I live but I hate it all

Life is so disgusting without your touch
It’s all made of plastic and nothing means much
It was so fantastic while you were around
And the change was drastic and I felt so down

I felt I was buried so deep underground
In a castle dungeon with no light nor sound
The Queen I adored was up in the tower
Promised to the whore without a real power

I writhed in pain hour after hour
And the sky turned gray and started to lower
I felt so betrayed and so brokenhearted
The Sun disappeared, the Hurricane started

I was so so sure you’re making mistake
And I lost my mind and started to shake
The bars of my cell, trying to get free
Trying to get heard, trying to be seen

And I shook the bars till it all crashed down
But I never wanted to destroy Your Crown
Yes I shook the bars till I shook the Earth
But I never wanted the Queen to be hurt

I went really mad, I was really mean
But I never wanted to insult My Queen
I was just a knight who had lost his nerve
Ordered not to fight, ordered not to serve

Ordered to forget the Chambers of Queen
Ordered to be quiet and not to be seen
Ordered to be quiet and to shut his mouth
To live in his cell and never go out

Ordered not to leave the darkness of jail
Ordered to give up every right to bail
And I tried to do it, I tried to obey
But who could forget the Beauty of J?

You can’t live in darkness if you’ve seen the Light
You can’t see the Sun and embrace the night
You can’t touch the hand of girl you adore
And then live again as you lived before

I am so in love, I’m under your spell
Like the way you look, like the way you smell
Like the way you sing, like the way you talk
Like the way you move, like the way you walk

Like the way you write, like the way you think
Like the way you wrinkle, like the way you blink
Like the way you smile, like the way you laugh
Like the way you’re J and can’t get enough

Please forgive me J, I just love you so
Couldn’t stand the fact you wanted some Doe
Just give me a chance to tell you my story
Let me talk to you, let me say I’m sorry


Published in The Man in 2013