Stabbing in the Back

Thought I’d found a comrade, the Sister in Arms
A loyal blood brother with feminine charms
Thought we were the members of a lifetime pack
But she was a traitor, shooting in the back

She was always saying that we were the same
And then turned her back and forgot my name
Now she’s pretending that we’ve never met
Hanging with the people we were laughing at

Thought she was sincere, but her words were lies
I was so naive, fell for her disguise
Said she was a commie, but her shirt was black
Just another liar, stabbing in the back

Yes she was a liar, but so was I
My “I am your friend” was a fucking lie
Didn’t really care if she’s feeling fine
All I really wanted was her to be mine

Yes she was a traitor – I was even worse
Stabbed her in the back, trying to be hers


Published in The Man in 2103