Second-City Blues

Jenita I miss you like you miss the Sun
Every night I dream we are having fun
Neath the big old tree on the Brunswick Street
I am not afraid and you look so sweet
Then I am awake and I know you’re gone
And it makes me wish I’d never been born

Jenita I miss you asleep and awoke
Everywhere I go I wish we could talk
Nothing seems complete if you aren’t there
I wish I could see your eyes and your hair
Today I was smiling in front of the Shrine
Acting like a tourist, pretending I’m fine

Joking with my new and beautiful friend
Enjoying his presence, the touch of his hand
Nevertheless, it was just a mask
I was just a soldier fulfilling my task
Trying to live on and to fill my day
Although I knew you’re so faraway


Published in Just Friends in 2013