Playlist: HER NAME (20 Songs Written by the Performer)

01. Oh Yoko (John Lennon)
02. Dear Yoko (John Lennon)
03. Dear Prudence (The Beatles)
04. Julia (The Beatles)
05. Sad Lisa (Cat Stevens)
06. Janis (Country Joe and the Fish)
07. Stephanie Knows Who (Love)
08. Diana (Alexander Skip Spence)
09. My Dear Claire (Kosta Tadic)
11. Peggy Sue (Buddy Holly)
12. Polythene Pam (The Beatles)
13. Debora (Tyrannosaurus Rex)
14. Motorcycle Irene (Moby Grape)
15. Lola (The Kinks)
16. Layla (Derek and the Dominos)
17. Amanda (Boston)
18. Beautiful May (Kosta Tadic)
19. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (Crosby Stills & Nash)
19. Carrie Anne (The Hollies)
20. Pictures of Lily (The Who)