The Ballad of Mary the Cat

This is the story of Mary the Cat
The prettiest woman I have ever met
She came in the room and she took my breath
Away with her beauty, and didn’t know that

She was so so pretty, but true like a cat
She was what she was, she didn’t pretend
She was just a girl, a friend of a friend
And I said “Hello”, and I shook her hand

But she took my hand and took me to bed
We woke up together when the sky turned red
She lay on my chest like a little cat
Joking and talking to my shoulder tat

And I still remember everything she said
‘Bout the life she’d led and the dates she’d had
She kissed me and said: “Wish we all were cats
Just being alive, just being ourselves”

And I fell in love with Mary the Cat
‘Cause she was alive and she was herself
I thought she was gonna love me till the end
But when I left her bed she just shook my hand

I said: “I will do everything I can
I’ll always be true, let me be your man”
She frowned and said: “Don’t say it again
Because no cat can belong to a man”

“I belong to all women and all men
Belong to myself and to who I am
I have to be free, don’t you understand?
If I were with you, I’d have to pretend”

“And I’m leaving soon, I’m sailing away
Oh don’t feel so blue, have to find my way
Find yourself a girl, you’re such a nice man
And maybe one day we will meet again”

And she sailed away for a distant send
And I feel so bad, and I feel so sad
But though she is gone I’ll never forget
Waking together with Mary the Cat


Published in Kay’s Frames in 2014