Like a Man

Yes I’ve been in love before
The first one was ten
When she said I was a bore
I left like a man

To the next one I was just
A poor refugee
Once she eyed me with disgust
And I let her be

The next time I was fifteen
And it was a spark
She was there and so so sheen
Made the ice look dark

She was pale and she was proud
And colder than Jan
Though she never said it loud
I left like a man

And the next one was a lady
With raven-black hair
But then “sure” turned to “maybe”
And I wasn’t there

And the last one always smiled
When I caught her eye
But I knew she’s just a child
Didn’t even try

Yes I’ve been in love before
But despite my yen
Every time they showed the door
I left like a man

And I tried to do the same
When you told me “No”
And I know it was a shame
But I couldn’t go

For your loving I would kneel
I would beg and crawl
A man able to leave Thee
Ain’t a man at all


Published in The Man in 2013