In the Store

– Welcome to my store,
can I help you ma’am?
I’ve got everything,
from cookies to ham.

– Well, it isn’t really
what I’m thinking of.
I’m not really hungry,
I’m looking for love.

– Well, if that’s the case,
then this is the place.
When it comes to love
I am a real ace.

For the price of one
I will give you four,
and I think you’ll find
what you’re looking for.

For the price of one
I will give you all:
my Heart and my Mind,
my Body and Soul.

For the price of one
you’ll get the whole band:
a lover, a husband,
a brother, a friend.

I’ll be anything
you want me to be,
and you’ll get a free
lifetime warranty.

For the price of one…
– I have heard enough.
I am really flattered,
but don’t want your stuff.

– You don’t want my love?
There’s a store next door.
But they’ll give you less
and they’ll charge you more.

If that’s what you want,
then have a nice day.
Thank you very much…
Hey… Please don’t go… Stay…


Published in The Man in 2013