A Faraway Girl

I am in love with a faraway girl
Invisible to the eye of a hawk
A girl on the other side of the world
But still I feel that we can talk

That we can talk across the oceans
That we can talk through the borders
Feel the thoughts and think the emotions
That we could be The Comrade-Soldiers

I am in love with a distant star
A star beyond reach of a rocket
I am in love with the light so far
That the whole world seems like a pocket

But I can still feel her flame
The flame behind the cold white light
I still can feel that we’re the same
That our blinking destroys the night

I know my love has no tomorrow
I know she loves somebody else
But I can still feel no sorrow
I jump of joy ’cause we are friends

And I’ll do my best, I’ll do all I can
To really be the one she could trust
To be her Friend if not her Man
‘Cause being Her Friend is all but “just”


Published in Just Friends in 2013