Pond (Acrostics)

Please forgive my constant running after you
Offering my feelings and wanting the same
No one else can make me feel the way you do
Deep inside my Heart there’s only one name


Please give me a chance and you’ll see my love
Open up your Heart and let me inside
Note that you’re the One I am thinking of
Day and night I miss being by your side


Please forgive me Pond, please don’t set me free
Offer me a chance to make it alright
Nothing in this world matters much to me
Deserted by you I can’t see the Light


Please don’t hate me Pond, I was just a fool
Only when I lost you I knew what I’d had
Now I am crying, please don’t be so cruel
Do believe I’m sorry and so so so sad


Please don’t let me leave without goodbyes
Oh I love you so, and I really care
Night and day I’ve been thinking of your Eyes
Dreaming of your long and beautiful Hair


Paris on my mind, hour after hour
Only because Pond is under its skies
Notre-Dame, the Seine and the Eiffel Tower
Don’t shine half as bright as her loving Eyes