Outside My Flat (Turkey & Ham)

This is the view from my balcony… The rooftop of the building next to mine… And it has been illegally taken and destroyed by my dear neighbours. In the beginning I was quiet, but when they crossed every fucking line (drinking under my balcony, breaking bottles), I confronted them verbally and I did some research… And I found them on the Internet. They are a married couple, but they have different surnames. It is so ironic, her trying to present herself as a modern, independent woman, while being uneducated, rude, and cheap… She is around 50 years old, and she dresses like a high school girl… Disgusting… And he is bald, fat and a fucking coward… When I finally told him to watch what he was doing, he was very rude, but when I met him in the street he didn’t dare to look into my eyes… And they have broken so many laws. They illegally took the place in the corridor of their own building. Then they illegally built a balcony, and they finally built some kind of shad for their garbage, just below my balcony… But the funniest are their surnames. She is Mrs. Đurkovic, and he is Mr. Šunjka. And if you change just one letter, she becomes Mrs. Ćurkovic and he becomes Mr. Šunka. Translated into English: Mrs. Turkey (a bird, not the country) and Mr. Ham. And those names suit them so perfectly… She is not young, the skin on her neck is hanging, but he wars pink teenage clothes, and she looks just like a turkey… And he looks like an old big fat pig… Turkey and Ham… So fucking perfect.