A Miracle

The Middle Ages. The interior of a church in which the body of a deceased P. is lying in state. (Orthodox Christians can read the “p” as “Patriarch”, and Catholics as “Pope”). The faithful approach humbly, one by one, and kiss his hand.

Smooch… Smooch… Smooch…

P. (sits up suddenly and shakes his hand in disgust): Incredible! The plague is raging through Europe, and you’ve all come here to dribble over me.

The faithful jump back in fear, but the P. lies down once again and closes his eyes.


THE FAITHFUL: A miracle! A miracle! A miracle!

Pushing one another, all the faithful together rush towards the catafalque.



Originally published in BCS (Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian) in Par grama drama (A Few Grams of Drama) in 2010. Translated by Timothy John Byford. Translation copyright by Kosta Tadic.