4 AM

It is 4 AM. They are standing next to each other, waiting for her taxi to arrive. There is nobody else around. No people, no cars passing by. Just the two of them. As if they were the only people left in the world.

They met at 1 AM, for the first time after a month without any touch. They walked for three hours, through the empty streets still wet from the rain. They just walked and walked, trying not to say too much, trying not to hurt each other again.

– Remember when we were talking of me moving to China with you? – he asks. – I guess we were just dreaming together.

She just smiles and lights another cigarette. – You were right – he continues while lighting the new one himself. – I stopped loving you after that thing… After the hospital.

She just smiles again and says nothing. – It’s such a pity – now when he has started, he just can’t stop talking. – When I really, really loved you, you just wanted to have some fun… And, then, when you fell in love with me, I just wanted sex… I was saying “I love you” but I guess it wasn’t really true… I guess I wanted some sort of revenge… I am so sorry.

– It’s okay… But, thank you.

– Thank you, too… For everything.

He knows that she is leaving in just a few hours. He knows that he will never see her again. And he knows that the taxi will appear any moment now. He knows that he has to say it before it arrives.

– Please, promise me something… Please be careful. You are not a little girl anymore. You are a beautiful, attractive woman, you have to be very, very careful.

– I just don’t know how to say NO – she says. – I always trust people.

– Don’t trust people until you really get to know them. I don’t trust anyone.

– You trusted me.

– Yes, and I almost died.

They both smile.

– And you have to learn to say NO. When you say it, you have to really mean it.

She smiles again. – You sound just like my uncle.

– Please don’t smile. I am very, very serious. If you’re not careful, you will get really hurt… You have to find a good boy…

– What is a good boy? – she asks.

– Remember me before we started fighting? That’s a good boy. You have to find someone who will really love you… And respect you, and protect you… And when you find that boy, be good to him, too. Don’t cheat on him, don’t lie, don’t play games.

He sees a car coming from the distance. He knows there is no time left.

– May I hug you?

– No.

– Please. A hug? A friendly one?

– No.

– Please don’t leave without a hug. Please?

– No. I mean it. You just taught me that.

It hurts, but he knows that she is right. He wants to give her a friendly hug, he wants to hug her tightly and shows how much he cares, how much he is worried. He wants to try to leave some sort of trace on her body, some sort of invisible layer which will protect her in the future.

But he also knows that he wants to feel her breasts against his body one more time. He knows that it wouldn’t be just a friendly hug. And he knows that she knows that too. He can feel that she feels the same way about his body too.

He knows that the real hug is no hug at all.

The taxi has arrived.

– Good luck – he says and shakes her hand before opening the door for her.

– I will send you an email – she says before he closes the door. He knows that she really means it, but he also knows that she will never contact him again.

He is just standing and watching the taxi until it disappears. He knows that he will never forget her. And he knows (and he has to smile in spite of everything) that she has already forgotten him.

– Please be careful – he says again, although there is nobody else in the street.